CLIL: back to basics.  NEW!

A CLIL beginners' course starting in September 2018 

DATES in 2018: 
Wednesday 12 September, Monday 1 October, Thursday 1 November and Monday 26 November 2018
Time 10-16:00

Location: Het Heerenlanden, Eksterlaan 48, 4143 AC Leerdam.
A four-day complete CLIL course for (new) teachers who want to learn the basics about CLIL but have never done a course. More information and a paper application form  here. Apply online here! 

CLIL coach course autumn 2018

DATES in 2018:
Tuesday 18 September
Thursday 11 October
Wednesday 7 November
Time 10-16:00
Location: Farel Academy: J.P. Sweelinckstraat 4, 3816 PB Amersfoort
Are you an experienced CLIL teacher who would like to help your colleagues in CLIL methodology? The CLIL Coach course supports you in coaching your colleagues. More information and a paper application form here.  Apply online here!