• CLIL Train-the-Trainer one year course 2020-2021
  • NEW DATE! Maths and CLIL 2.0 Wednesday 11 November 2020
  • CLIL coach course 2021

CLIL coach course 2021
Four-day CLIL coach course starting in January 2021. This course is for more experienced CLIL teachers who are interested in coaching their colleagues in CLIL. You attend three practical group sessions plus one personal coaching session with Rosie online on 30 March. More details in the brochure and a paper online about the course here. Apply online here. 

Dates: Wednesday 27 January, Tuesday 9 March, Tuesday 30 March & Thursday 22 April 2021
Time: 10-16:00 (except for 30 March: personal coaching, online)
Costs: €750

CLIL Train-the-Trainer 2020-2021 (one year course in the Netherlands)
Have you always dreamed about becoming a CLIL TRAINER? Here's your chance! I am offering a one-year CLIL Train-The-Trainer course from September 2020-May 2021, hosted by Utrecht University. More details in the brochure about the course here. Apply online

Dates (all Mondays):14 September, 28 September, 26 October, 16 November, 7 December 2020, 18 January, 8 February, 15 March, 29 March, 12 April, 17 May and 7 June 2021
Time: 10-16:00
Cost: €2500

New date! Maths and CLIL 2.0 Wednesday 11 November 2020
A new workshop for maths and CLIL teachers who want more maths and CLIL. During the workshop, you will experience ten "evidence-based" techniques applied to maths and CLIL. These techniques get students thinking, collaborating, remembering and learning in a deeper way. Minimum 10, maximum 16 participants. 

Date: Wednesday 11 November 2020
Time: 10-16:00 (coffee from 09:30, lunch provided)
Location: 't Atrium, Paladijnenweg 611, 3813 KD Amersfoort
More information and a paper application form here. Apply online