CLIL coach course 2023

Are you a more experienced CLIL teacher who would like to support your colleagues in developing CLIL? This is the course for you! Learn practical CLIL coaching skills in a safe environment. 

Dates:  Tuesday 12 September, Monday 2 October, Thursday 2 November (online coaching with Rosie) & Thursday 16 November,    

Time: 10-16:00 (coffee from 09:30)

Location: Leerhotel Het Klooster, Daam Fockemalaan 10 , Amersfoort 

More information (brochure): here.

Online application form: here.


New Strategies for CLIL: 5 April 2023

Are you wondering why your CLIL students forget stuff? Is your school working on formative assessment in CLIL? Would you like some time to develop CLIL materials? Brian Dixon, maths teacher and TTO coordinator at ORS Lek & Linge, and I are offering a one-day workshop about how CLIL teachers can help our students really learn and retain both content and language.

Date:  Wednesday 5 April 2023

Time: 10-16:00 (coffee from 09:30)

Location: ORS Lek & Linge in Culemborg

More information (brochure): here.

Online application form: here.


Reunion CLIL coaches: 11 May 2023

A day for teachers and coordinators who have already done a CLIL coach course with me or elsewhere. Karin Holley Coaching will join me for this workshop. Karin is a talented coach and ex-CLIL teacher with international experience. As well as discussing your CLIL coach dilemmas, we shall be working on deepening your CLIL coaching skills, e.g., advanced listening (emotions and language), your saboteurs and sages, positive intelligence, and coaching. 

Date 2023: Thursday 11 May

Time: 10-16:00 (coffee from 09:30)

Online follow-up: Wednesday 31 May 19-20:30 

Location: Cals College in Nieuwegein

More information: online brochure

Online application form: here.