List of publications: books and articles

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The four S’s of CLIL. CLIL Magazine. Fall 2013.

The CLIL Ball. CLIL Magazine. Spring 2013.

CLIL in biology: two ‘organic‘ activities. CLIL Magazine. Winter 2012.

How happy a CLIL English teacher are you?  Cambridge English Teacher.

Denman, J., Tanner, R.L. & Graaff, R. de. CLIL in junior vocational secondary education: Challenges and opportunities for teaching and learning. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 16 (3)

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Tanner, R.& de Graaff, R. Proud to be tvmbo: Teachers’ and students’ opinions about good practice in bilingual junior secondary vocational education (tweetalig vmbo). Utrecht: Centre for Teaching and Learning, Utrecht University.


Dale, L., van der Es, W. & Tanner, R. CLIL Skills. Book on methodology for subject teachers in bilingual education. Project for Expertisecentrum MVT, Leiden University.

Tanner, R. & Dunn, L. Building bridges between language and content in religious education. Chapter 10 IN Integrating Language and Content. Barduhn. S. and Nordmeyer, J. (Eds). TESOL.


Multiple intelligences and online teacher education. English Language Teaching Journal 59/4. Pp 312-321.

Wientjes, H. & Tanner, R. Compacting, Enrichment and Multiple Intelligences Theory in Gifted Education: A Dutch Example. Gifted Education Press Quarterly (online journal). Spring.




WebQuests designed for distance learning students at the IVLOS and Pretoria university and for teacher education students on multiple intelligence theory.

Outside In, Inside Out: Creating a teaching portfolio. Chapter IN Byrd, Patricia & Gayle Nelson(Eds.) Sustaining Professionalism. TESOL, Inc.

Teaching Intelligently. English Teaching Professional. Issue 20/July.

MI and you. English Teaching Professional.Issue 21/October.


Joint Teacher Development/Teacher Research SIGs Newsletter: Conference Proceedings Teachers Develop Teachers Research 4. Leuven: IATEFL. Co-editor.


Piloting Portfolios: using portfolios in pre-service teacher education. English Language Teaching Journal 54/1. With Désirée Longayroux, Douwe Beijaard and Nico Verloop. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Cybersisters column (bi-monthly) with Edith de Vries. Levende Talen. Reviews of websites and applications in the class.


Het mediadossier: zelfstandig werken met media in de tweede fase. Levende Talen 529. April. Co-author with Nienke van Engeldorp-Gastelaars and Ton Vendel. Bi-annual prize for the best article in Levende Talen.


Mediadossier (series of books and trainer’s book for English, French and German) . Loenen aan de Vecht: Edumedia. Co-author with team of teachers.


Conference Proceedings: Teachers Develop Teachers Research 3 conference, Israel. Chapter: Portfolios for teacher development. Whitstable, UK: IATEFL.


Tasks for Teacher Education: A reflective approach. Coursebook and Trainer’s book. Harlow: Longman, now Pearson Education. Co-author with Catherine Green.