My consultancy services extend far beyond the classroom -  I love helping institutions to innovate and develop. Here are some ideas of ways in which you and your institution can be supported:

  • The implementation of innovations – such as CLIL for beginning schools, or communicative English language teaching methodology. Discussions about what kind of innovation you would like to implement and how to apply those ideas in your specific context. Setting up of training, coaching and/or observations.
  • A CLIL quick scan – a short (two day) visit to your school to evaluate your CLIL department. This involves organizing 360 degree feedback, surveys and interviews. A quick scan culminates in a clear, report including recommendations for improvement. This is excellent preparation for an inspection visit.
  • Breathing life again into a (CLIL) department that has lost its motivation or spark. Building the team, working on CLIL lessons, etc.
  • Course design – working out a curriculum for your students.
  • Advising on materials writing and development

Quick Scan

Examples of consultancies