My CLIL training services include supporting both experienced
schools which need a boost, as well as schools which are starting to implement CLIL. I support teams of teachers and schools in developing CLIL, through workshops and teacher observations. 

In the past, I have worked at dozens of bilingual schools. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Examples of CLIL training:

  • CLIL courses for vwo, havo and/or tvmbo, tailor-made to your school or institution. Here is an outline of a sample CLIL course.
  • CLIL workshops: you can pick ‘n’ mix some of these topics to create your own course
  • CLIL workshops for a group of teachers who teach the same subject. For example, for history, science, mathematics teachers, or for the more practical subjects such as PE or drama
  • CLIL topics on a subject of your choice. Recent tailor made workshops I have been asked to give are: working with first year CLIL students, the role of the English teacher in CLIL, quick CLIL ideas to use tomorrow, a refresher workshop
  • Observation and feedback to your CLIL teachers. Classroom observation combines well with a CLIL course and increases the chance of CLIL methodology really sticking.