Applying modern English language teaching methodology
An English department wasn’t functioning very well as a team, students
weren’t very motivated to learn English and school results were poor in the final examinations. In order to develop a rich learning environment, we set up a Communicative English course for the teachers - which included team building activities – as well as peer coaching. Discussions were held throughout the year with the coordinator of the English department about the team’s development. Teachers were observed and received feedback about their implementation of ideas from the course.

Starting a CLIL department
A school wished to start a CLIL department. We started off with discussions about different models, did language intakes for the teachers and gave a training course for them (English language and CLIL methodology). Over a number of years, the teachers took – and passed! - Cambridge examinations and gradually worked on improving their bond as a team and their CLIL methodology.

Materials development for trainers and teachers in low resource contexts: the BLISS project
In cooperation with the British Council in India, I have developed a teacher training course for teachers working in Bihar in conjunction with a small Indian writers’ team. We created a teacher workbook, teacher trainers’ notes, notes for master trainers who train the trainers, materials evaluation instruments.

Advice on a new diploma
For Cambridge International Examinations I advised on a document which Cambridge had developed. This was to be the basis of a new curriculum for a professional development qualification – a diploma in bilingual education.